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 We want to train rangatahi to become competent in the tasks they do and to develop competence in their daily lives 

About Ama Civil
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Ama Civil

Ama Civil is a company focused on the development of life and work competency skills for NEETS rangatahi/youth in the Infrastructure Industry.  We want to provide a stable and understanding environment for rangatahi where they can grow their life skills and achieve a tohu, while getting an income. 

Park Maintenance Mahi
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Our study/work programme includes:

Work Programme
  • New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works Level 2

  • Employment for NEETS rangatahi in very basic infrastructure site tasks (boxing, basic formwork, steel tying, site preparation, site clean-up etc) while not being a burden or draining resources of the hiring company. (3 Days a week initially building to full-time)

  • On-going training for  rangatahi around life skills and work competency and health and safety training (1 day a week for the first 6 months of the programme)

  • Develop an understanding of what it means to work

  • Provide tailored pastoral care support

  • Develop the rangatahi into a skilled worker where they are able to either continue working for us, move into other companies, move into further training or start their own companies

  • Partner with large civil companies 

Our focus areas

  • Provide employment for basic infrastructure site tasks:

    • denailing timber

    • cleaning and stacking bricks

    • preparing a site for the removal of a house

    • cleaning up a site after a house has been removed

    • removing rubbish from houses and house sites

    • erecting security fences

    • spotter duties

    • basic traffic management

    • boxing

    • spreading and raking concrete

    • basic formwork

    • tying steel 

    • footpath reinstatement

    • general labouring duties

    • skilled labouring duties

  • Where there is a skilled task required (see list below), further training will be provided to rangatahi for:

    • asbestos removal,

    • driving and licensing

    • forklift training

    • heights and confined spaces training,

    • lock out tag out

    • EWP

    • Gantry crane training

    • footpath reinstatement

    • WTR

  • Tikanga Māori 

  • Te Ao Māori 

  • Extensive and clear pastoral care

Contact Ama Civil

Contact Ama Civil

Unitec Building, Level 4

7 Ratanui Street



Phone:  021 846 462

Email: or

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