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NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 2)

The New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works - Level 2 (IW2) is the first step in your career within the Civil Infrastructure Industry. It will give you the skillset & knowledge to work safely onsite & with
others, under direct supervision.


This qualification is for you if you are starting out in your career and want to start working within the industry. You may have come from school, another pretrade industry or are without a qualification.

It is ideal if you are wanting a start in the industry working under direct supervision in:

  • Civil works

  • Surfacing

  • Underground utilities

Course Information

For more information on tailored infrastructure courses please contact Mike Murray or download our brochure below: or 021 846 462

To register your interest for any of our courses please complete our online form through the link below:

Course Overview

Pou 1: Whanaungatanga
Describe historical events of one hapū or iwi
18352  Explain four key dimensions of hauora


Pou 2: Health and Safety
  Demonstrate knowledge of emergency situations, procedures, and responses on an infrastructure worksite
32138  Demonstrate knowledge of good work habits and safe working practices on an infrastructure worksite
22283  Demonstrate knowledge of the New Zealand infrastructure works industry

Pou 3: Communications and Quality Assurance
17327  Communicate with stakeholders on an infrastructure worksite
17327  Describe and complete work records for infrastructure works

Pou 4: Worksite Machinery
23285  Operate and care for small machinery used on an infrastructure worksite

32140  Demonstrate knowledge of special- type vehicles used on an infrastructure worksite
6453    Demonstrate knowledge of equipment and plant used on an infrastructure worksite
23285  Use and care for hand tools used for infrastructure works

Entry Criteria

  • Eligible learners must be working in the infrastructure works industries and be one of the following:
    (a) Domestic Student, or an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident currently residing in New Zealand


       Eligible learners must:

  • Have access to appropriate supervisors/ mentors at work for work experience and on job activities

  • Be physically fit

  • Have access to tools and equipment

Please note:

  • All eligible candidates will be interviewed prior to enrolment to ensure the programme is suitable and meets the needs of the candidates.

  • All enrolled students are required to complete either a literacy or numeracy assessment at the commencement of the first module and prior to the completion of the last module within this programme. This is a diagnostic assessment to assist with monitoring a student’s personal progress. It is not an entry criteria used for selection purposes.

Duration / Credits

  • The course will run for 14 weeks (full time) or 20 weeks (part time).

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