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Our team is committed to provide a high standard of support and pastoral care for international student. Our values of Tika, Pono and Aroha ensure that ..

We provide 24/7 support and care for our international students. We offer helpful advice so you can settle into the whanau at Ama Training Group and feel at home in New Zealand.


Meet our Team



Contact us – Student Support

For help and support please email or contact a support team below. We are available between 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday.


Eileen Murray                              021 846 462

Donna Evans                               027 202 4127


For urgent 24/7 help from our team please call 027 202 4127.


Support available to you

We want to make you feel at home in Aotearoa New Zealand and make your stay as easy as possible. We will help support you as you settle into your new city and Ama Training group. We can help you understand our unique Māori culture and offer pastoral care and support.


We offer a range of well-being and support options for international student such as:


  • 24/7 emergency support

  • Academic, social, personal, and cultural support

  • Welcome Orientation

  • Whare Tapa Wha – Māori model of health and wellbeing developed by Dr Mason Durie in 1982. The model of well-being is incorporated in everything we do such as – surveys, inductions, orientations, course content and activities, assessments and extracurricular activities. We cannot separate the four aspects of wellbeing from our daily activities – therefore they are an intristic part of all we do as a Ama Whanau

  • Whanaungatanga class activities – Whanaungatanga is the practice of building relationships through sharing experiences and working together. We do this by getting to know one another and support each other to learn and grow. We do this daily by starting the day with pray (anyone can lead the pray regardless of religion), learning about each other and where we are from. This is about acknowledge and valuing everyone’s unique identity.

  • Tuakana/Teina mentoring programme – traditionally his is a reciprocal model of support between younger and older sibblings. At Ama Training Group we see this as a support model of a New Zealand student/previous International Student supporting new International student to adapt and understand life in Aotearoa

  • Kanohi ki te kanohi is about a connection with a face to face engagement. Due to our size and commitment to ensuring you have a voice, one on one meetings with management and Kaiako are a standard practice. Here is can let us know your needs and how we can help you.

  • Kaiāwhina – If you need a friendly face to talk to or a bit of advice, our kaiawhina can help lead you in the right direction ie to outside providers (health services, nurses, councillors etc. They are well versed in

3 day Orientation Programme

Ama Training Group run a 3 day Orientation programme for all International Students.  The Orientation programme will be based at both a local Marae and at the Ama Training Group Campus.  During the three days will gain knowledge of the Ama Training Group team, your course details, the New Zealand culture, important laws, set up a bank account and IRD number,  working in New Zealand and getting to know each other.

Here is a brief outline of the activities that you will do in the three days:

  • Whakatau

  • Whanaungatanga

  • Meeting our team, meeting the International Support Services team

  • Getting to know each other

  • Helping students gain our trust so they can approach any member of Ama Training staff if they need support, have a concern or simply have a general query

  • Tuakana/Teina – International student buddy system with a New Zealand student

  • Getting to know our facilities and local community (parking, buses, trains, taxis, Uber, food)

  • Getting to know our local environment (when it gets dark, temperatures they can expect

  • How to set up a Bank account

  • Creating IRD numbers (if student visa allows the student to work part-time)

  • Things to do in Auckland

  • Important NZ Laws

  • Ama Training Group Important policies

  • Student bulletin board

  • Course program handbook – course outline, learner outcomes, key dates, timetable, tutors, assignments etc

  • Health and Safety:

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Exits

Incident Reports

Hazard identification

  • Well Being:

Hua Oranga – Te Whare Tapa Wha

Local agencies to support your well-being

Basic Te Reo and Tikanga

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