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Ama Whānau

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Ama Training Group

Ama Training Group is a private training establishment (PTE) based in West Auckland, focused on providing industry specific and learner-centered training to Māori & Pasifica whānau.


"We want to develop a skilled workforce through high quality, learner-centred training that meets the needs of both industry and the learner."

"Kia hakapakari i ngā kaimahi mā te kounga papai o te hakaako me te ū ki ngā āhuatanga o te ākonga."


Ama Civil 

Ama Civil is a company focused on the development of life and work competency skills for NEETS rangatahi/youth in the Infrastructure Industry.  We want to provide a stable and understanding environment for rangatahi where they can grow their life skills and achieve a tohu, while getting an income. 


Ama Digital

Ama Training Group has collaborated with One Six Eight Media to form Ama Digital.


One Six Eight Media are specialists in the Digital Creative Arts. The company was founded by entertainment veterans who have worked in Feature Film, Television, Gaming and VFX. The company has accumulated a number of high profile clientele and cultivated relationships with numerous Government agencies.


Ama Training alongside One Six Eight are creating a suite of industry relevant training in the Digital Arts space.


This is an exciting venture as Ama Digital will open up a variety of training and employment opportunities in the Digital Arts field for our rangatahi.

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Our Courses


 Literacy & Numeracy 

Numeracy & literacy training designed to support the needs of your workforce and delivered in a kaupapa māori framework.


 Health & Safety 

Upskill people with the knowledge to operate a Gantry Crane and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) 



Gain the essential skills and knowledge to successfully lead a team, manage a team and contribute to team performance.

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 Visual Arts & Design 

This course will contain lessons in fundamental and advanced drawing & draughting techniques.

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This course gives you the skillset & knowledge to work safely onsite & with
others, under direct supervision.

Modern Architecture

Get In Touch 

For more information on tailored courses please contact the Ama training Group 

Operation Areas


Taurapa - The Stern of the Waka - Pre Employment 

The "taurapa" is the "stern" or rear of the waka and equates to those that are just getting on-board the waka in terms of training and employment.  Designed to meet the needs of learners at the beginning of their journey or in a pre-training phase these programmes are intended to lead to employment. 


Our pre-employment programmes are varied across different industries however learners who complete the course will be placed into employment in the industry.

Nga Takere - The Hull of the Waka - Literacy & Numeracy

By providing support at this foundation level we aim to provide a solid base from which to build knowledge and skills that will support learners to achieve. Our workplace literacy and numeracy courses are designed to make a difference in the following areas -

  • better oral communication skills – toolbox meetings, tail gate meetings etc

  • improved reading and writing skills to enable correct form-filling and understanding of workplace documentation

  • fewer workplace accidents and a stronger emphasis on safety 

  • improved skills in technology, workplace software including better accuracy in keying in information on a computer

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Nga Herenga - The Lashings of the Waka  - Health & Safety

An integral part of a waka is the "herenga" or "lashings". Without good lashings the waka would not be able to function correctly and in a worst-case scenario would simply fall apart.  Health and Safety in the workplace is just as critical. Without good Health and Safety knowledge and practices a business exposes their people to potential risks.  Ama specialises in comprehensive health and safety training.  

Tauihu - The Bow of the Waka  - Leadership

The "bow" (front) or "tauihu" of the waka leads the way. The tauihu relates to those that have been identified as potential leaders in an organisation however they need to be shaped like the tauihu to navigate the waters of leadership and leading people.  Bad leadership accounts for over 50% of business failures and costs businesses millions of dollars every year.


Getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management is key.  Equipping people with the right skills is only the beginning of what we can do for business.  To make a change that lasts, we’ll engage, influence and challenge your people. We’ll build a solution that influences their understanding of what it means to be a leader in your organisation.


Client & Partners

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